More control. More data. More profit. One platform.

An integrated platform that provides a single, shared view of inventory, data insights, and disposition channels for every asset.

The global economy moves fast, and businesses need to be able to pivot fast, and pivot smart. That’s why leading companies count on Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions, our inventory management and disposition system. It fully integrates with your fleet management software, it’s data-driven, and it empowers you to optimize decisions that affect your bottom line.

More control

Fully integrate all systems and data to create a comprehensive view of every asset with Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions Inventory Management System, so you can work smarter and more efficiently.

More data

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions gives you access to our unmatched, up-to-the-minute market data to optimize the best time and best sales channel for maximizing value.

More profit

With Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions Data Insights, you have access to the latest equipment market pricing, regional trends, transaction results and more.

One platform

With our cloud-based platform, you can log in from anywhere and our comprehensive suite of tools is at your fingertips to give you full, real-time control over your inventory and optimize the sale of your used equipment.

Why leading companies count on Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions.

Integrate Manage Analyze Sell

With billions of dollars of equipment transacting via our multiple global sales channels each year, only Ritchie Bros. has the data that gives unmatched data insight into the global equipment market. Couple that with our proven solutions, our industry expertise and experience, and our passion for ensuring our customers’ success, and Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions offers a simple, efficient way to automate a complex process.

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